In Business Over 75 Years

Since 1947, Werk-Brau has manufactured the highest quality and most innovative specialty products for the heavy equipment industry. Werk-Brau is respected internationally for providing outstanding customer service and being dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our business. Duke Werkheiser and Dutch Brautigam, for whom the company is named after, first opened their blacksmith shop in Findlay Ohio. Still today Werk-Brau manufactures and produces in Findlay Ohio, in a state of the art facility.

Constant Growth

Over the decades Werk-Brau has grown and become so much more than a simple blacksmith operation. Today Werk-Brau proudly employs an industry leading team of professionals who work hard to follow the vision set by the founders of Werk-Brau to "Provide Excellence in Customer Service". As a modern company Werk-Brau is efficient, high-tech, dedicated to its customers, and deeply proud of the quality of products manufactured.

The Best in the Industry

Though over 75 years old, and having passed through three generations, the original vision of Werk-Brau is still a reality today: "provide our customers with the utmost service, quality, and always maintain the quality that bares the Werk-Brau name." Today, time tested quality is what Werk-Brau is known for in the construction industry. Each and every product that Werk-Brau produces is backed by a "best in industry" warranty.

Safely provide excellence in quality, design and delivery of products and services which exceed our customer's expectations.

Since Werk-Brau's founding in 1947, Werk-Brau has been driven to produce outstanding construction equipment attachments, and provide personal customer service. Over the years Werk-Brau has developed a few core values that define all modern operations.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Focus - Everything we do is driven by our desire to serve our customers better.

Become Better Tomorrow Than We Are Today - Continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, both internally and externally.

Foster Integrity Thru Honesty - Be honest with customers, vendors, fellow employees and all other groups vital to our success; doing so will maintain and grow our integrity as a company and as individuals.

Our Employees Provide The Means To Our Success - All employees, top management to new hires, are vital to our ability to provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.