Werk-Brau Company warrants attachments and non-hydraulic components against defaults in materials, faulty design and workmanship for a period of 2 Years from the date of delivery or 2000 hours, whichever comes first.

Werk-Brau’s warranty policy does not apply to purchased subassemblies including, teeth assemblies, forks, cylinders, auxiliary edges, hydraulics, electrical components and etc. If such subassembly maybe warranted, they must be returned for possible consideration. Such items are subject to OEM's Warranty of their respective manufacturer if applicable.

During the SECOND year from the date of purchase if any product subject to this agreement fails due to materials, faulty design or workmanship, Werk-Brau is limited to repairing or replacing only. Werk-Brau shall not be responsible for any labor costs associated with travel, repair, and installation of repaired or replacement parts during the SECOND year from the date of purchase.

Werk-Brau must approve any resolution before action is taken. To initiate a claim for warranties please fill out the warranty claim on our website (for dealers only). Maximum combined warranty reimbursement shall not exceed the purchase price value of the attachment. Any warranty that requires a return to Werk-Brau must have an RGA number (see return policy

Prior to any item being return it must have prior authorization from a Werk-Brau customer service representative and must have Return Goods Authorization paperwork (RGA) attached to the item and claim.

There is a $50 minimum on returns.
RETURNS ON CUSTOM DESIGNS, NON-STANDARD OR USED PARTS/ATTACHMENTS. Items ordered in error may be returned with a restocking fee and freight prepaid. Item(s) that have been placed in the ground or show any signs of use, will not be considered for return. Werk-Brau Co., Inc. has the final "say so" in determining if any product can be returned.

All attachments returned to Werk-Brau must be received in clean condition. Clean condition is defined as an attachment(s) free of any hazardous materials and contaminants; as well as free of material packed in the attachment(s). Attachments that have been used in applications where biohazards are/may be present (i.e.- sewage work, manure work, landfill operations, etc…) must be sanitized before shipment to Werk-Brau’s facility.

Attachments received in less than clean condition are subject to an applicable cleaning fee. Attachments received with hazardous material contamination, including biohazard contamination, are subject to rejection and returned to the customer at customer's expense.

Orders canceled are subject to a % of the retail amount of the order. Items manufactured by the Werk-Brau Company have varied manufacturing times; therefore, this policy is at the discretion of Werk-Brau Company, Inc. If order is complete and awaiting shipment or pickup by customer, cancellation at that time, will have a penalty of 100% of the net invoice and will be charged to the purchasing customer.

Not everything is covered

Due to the nature of heavy construction, there are certain things that are simply expected to wear and or replaced. These are powerful machines and inexperienced or careless operation will also cause failures. NO MILEAGE ALLOWANCES.

Reasons claims won't be considered

  • Failures due to neglect or misuse
  • Electrical, Hoses and fittings (Past installation)
  • Paint or Finish
  • Altered product
  • Personal Injury or damage to machine or property
  • Wear items and consumables
  • Shop Supplies or environmental charges
  • Travel, Downtime, Loss of Productivity, Loss of Profit
  • Any Additional Warranty or Benefit Outside of Werk-Brau
  • Exposure to the elements due to improper storage
  • Items not supplied by Werk-Brau

Warranty Form

Warranty Procedures

Prior to notifying Werk-Brau Company, Inc., please compile the following information:

  • 1. Serial Number of the bucket or attachment.
  • 2. Description of specific failure and conditions prior to failure.
  • 3. Name and phone number of reliable contact with regards to claim..
  • 4. Number of hours on machine and attachment.
  • 5. Comments from end-user and/or operator.

Disclaimer: Completing this form does not authorize the customer to perform corrective actions. This form is for reference only. Values given are to be quotes only. Any actions taken with out Werk-Brau's authorization will not be reimbursed.