Find Your Lifelong Career at Werk-Brau

At Werk-Brau, we’ve cultivated a company culture centered around our employees. You’re not just a number here, but a member of the family. And we want all our employees to feel valued and motivated.

While Werk-Brau started out making specialty products in 1947, we’ve grown far beyond a blacksmith operation. We’re an OEM manufacturer that produces the highest quality bucket attachments, couplers and thumbs.

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A Workplace Built on Pride

We hope you feel welcome when you walk into our shop in Findlay, Ohio. We’re proud to call this town our home and reflect that pride in our work and the upkeep of our shop. Overhearing clients express their satisfaction with our well-kept grounds and welding shop is a common occurrence.

It’s also common to see the shop owners on the floor several times a day, talking to staff and ensuring operations are running smoothly.

That’s the advantage of a family-owned business.

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Competitive Compensation

Our employees work tirelessly to produce top-rated products for companies around the world, so we want to provide salaries and compensation packages that reflect their worth.