Available for most makes and models of attachments on all machines.

Bolt On Side Cutters not only protect the sides of a bucket, but they also help to increase the capacity of the bucket. There is a wide variety of bolt on side cutters to meet any need.

  • Mini 05 to Mini 3 -- WBMNSC (weld on style)
  • Mini 4 to Mini 5 -- WBSC15/KIT
  • 12MT to 15MT -- PDE/KIT or 7Y0203/KIT
  • 20MT to 25MT -- PDE/KIT or 8J9614/KIT
  • 30MT to 40MT -- T1156/KIT or 8J9614/KIT
  • 50MT to 70MT -- T1156/KIT or 8J9825/KIT

Please have the attachment serial number and make/model of the machine ready.

Please speak to a dealer or call to get a quote, and size information.