Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for all makes and models of excavators.

Werk-Brau's wide mouth box style grapple is specifically designed to handle various objects of different sizes such as brush, rocks, and demolition debris. Single grapples may be used with a bucket. Dual grapple styles are also available. Not designed for digging or prying.

T-1 steel is utilized in all critical or high wear components to ensure that this grapple has a long operating life. High strength steel is used throughout the weldment. Pivot points are made from hardened greasable bushings, and are easy to access for regular greasing. The style of this grapple allows for additional reinforcement. At the end of each tine are edge pads.

Not applicable.

Various widths and models are available to choose from.

Additional tines and width designs are available, please request a quote from your local dealer.