Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for all makes and models of mini-excavators and backhoes.

Confidently handle heavy, awkward loads, grab buckets of debris and clear away brush with the Hydra-clamp Bucket and Rake. The built-on rotary actuated thumb provides improved flexibility and precision by maintaining consistent clamping force on the load throughout the entire bucket rotation. The heavy duty design makes it perfect for demolition, picking/sorting applications and land clearing.

Made of high quality T-1 and AR400 materials in all high stress & wear areas. Includes a plastic covering on thumb to protect the stick.

Easy, low cost installation. Nothing needs welded to the stick. Easily transferrable from machine to machine making it the perfect attachment for a rental fleet. It is powered by a fully enclosed rotary actuator. It has increased holding strength maintaining strong grip on material throughout rotation, versus the standard thumb and bucket. Operator can use 100% of excavator reach making it easier than ever to load trucks. The attachment requires very little maintenance requiring just two auxiliary maintenance lines.