Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for most makes and models of mini/compact excavators.

Werk-Brau offers a complete range of quick couplers for all major brands and most machines. Werk-Brau's Kubota Style Couplers are known for their tough build, versatility for rapidly interchanging attachments, safety features, tight lock, and ease of operator use. The Werk-Brau Kubota Style Quick Coupler is a dedicated attachment application, whereas only attachments built to work with these style of coupler system will allow operation & functionality. This coupler can be made not only for Kubota machines, but also a variety of other compact excavator brands.

Werk-Brau manufactures the coupler using the highest quality T-1 steel in all critical or high wear components to ensure that this coupler has a long operatiing life. By using this style of coupler, this will not decrease breakout force whereas standard pin-grab couplers do so.

Never operate a Werk-Brau coupler without it's approved safety pin in place. For additional information, please review the owners installation manual for this coupler. Additional, or replacement safety pins maybe ordered through a Werk-Brau Dealer.