Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for all makes and models of mini-excavators and backhoes.

Werk-Brau's ditching and grading bucket is specifically engineered for ditch maintenance, grading, slope work, and construction. This bucket is not designed for tough digging applications.

High quality T-1 steel is utilized in all high wear components. A rigid top section assures structural stability in the wider sizes. Bottom wear straps provide extra reinforcing. Each bucket is designed with tapered side plates to reduce wear on the buckets sides, and to allow for easier dumping. Bucket comes with optional suction relief holes to allow easy dumping of sticky soils found in ditch maintenance.

Teeth are not used on these buckets due to the application.

Standard widths range from 30" - 84", and capacities of .13 cu. yd. - 4.0 cu. yd.

Werk-Brau recommends a bolt-on cutting edge to extend and protect the bucket edge for extended hours of operation. Additional drainage holes are available. For aquatic applications Werk-Brau offers an Aquatic Ditching Bucket. Special designs and capacities are available, please request a quote from your local dealer.