Available for Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for all makes and models of excavators.

Werk-Brau's extreme duty buckets are specifically designed with an aggressive dig angle to effectively excavate in the toughest conditions. Ideal applications for this bucket include but are not limited to demolition work, shot rock, high abrasive applications, and moderate prying. When paired with a thumb, this bucket can also be used for material handling.

T-1 steel is utilized in all critical or high wear components. This bucket features tapered side plates, horizontal wear straps, and an extra thick cutting edge is backed by a wear plate that covers the entire bucket bottom. Side wear plates protect the bucket sides in the high wear areas and extend the buckets operation life. The tip radius on the severe duty excavator bucket is to or within O.E.M. specifications. Each bucket is engineered with tapered side plates to reduce wear on the buckets sides, and to allow for easier dumping. the cutter bit is made from heavy duty cast material.

Equipped with industry standard teeth for extra durability. In most cases, the tooth size is increased to tolerate the more extreme digging application. A selection of quality brand teeth are available to choose from. Box rippers available and installed upon request.

3/8 cubic yds. to 4 cubic yds. of various widths are available. Special designs and capacities available upon request.

Bolt-on side cutters are highly recommended for added endurance. Box rippers are available and can be installed upon request. Special designs and capacities are available, please request a quote from your local dealer.