Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for all makes and models of mini-excavators and backhoes.

Specifically designed to add versatility to a standard loader bucket. Can be used for light grading, backfilling, material handling as well as loading. Not designed to be used in heavy rock applications.

High strength, wear resistant steel is used in cutting edges. High quality cylinders are utilized in all models. All pivot points are greasable and lined with hardened bushings. Each bucket is engineered with tapered side plates to reduce wear on the buckets sides, and to allow for easier dumping.

Cutting edge can be drilled to accept bolt-on teeth or a replaceable bolt-on edge.

Specific widths and capacities made to meet customer requirements.

All models fitted with attaching ears that meet all pertinent OEM specifications. Dozer edge is equipped with replaceable bolt on edge.