Werk-Brau's D-Lock Hydraulic Tilt Coupler is compact in design, powerful & virtually maintenance free, the D-Lock Tilt Coupler incorporating a precision built actuator ensures trouble free operation

Werk-Brau manufactures all attachments to O.E.M. specs for all makes and models of excavators, mini-excavators, and backhoes.

  • Automatic front lock – Locks the front pin in the event the rear pin is not secured
  • Multi-pin centers, picks up all attachments in the same weight class with the same pin diameter
  • Highly visible front lock indicator
  • Triple sealed actuator
  • Safety system does not rely on gravity
  • Dual pin lock – Locks both front and rear pins in the event of loss of engagement force
  • Unlock process is designed to release only when the operator intends to do so, in a controlled and safe manner
  • Simple yet safe unlock procedure eliminates accidental releases
  • Compact design – Improving machine performance
  • No greasing or lubrication required
  • Only requires four hydraulic lines
  • Up to 180 degrees of tilt
  • Fully guarded hoses